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Dodeca Meters


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Dodeca Meters is a year-long publishing project featuring 12 booklets by 12 photographers, printed in a single color using risograph printing. Dodeca Meters exists to provide an archive of what is possible within the intersection of photography and risograph printing, through accessible multiples.

Dodeca Meters will be released quarterly throughout 2024. Issues may be purchased individually as they are released each month, or the entire series may be pre-purchased.

Complete set purchases as well as subscriptions thru via the National Monument Press Patreon will come with a letterpressed cardstock slipcase.

Released in Winter:
January: Sara J. Winston, Good Weather, printed in Brick.
February: tamara suarez porras, parallax errors, printed in Mist
March: Anna Rotty, Cottonwood Prism, printed in Blue

Spring: Ebti, Tafseel, printed in Turquoise (Will begin to ship April 27th)
Jamie Robertson, alligatorwatergreen, printed in Moss (Will begin to ship April 27th)
Makenzie Goodman, Encounters, printed in Midnight (Will begin to ship April 27th)

To come
Summer: Saskia Kahn, Nicole White, Arielle Rebek,
Fall: Kareem Worrell, Lindsay Buchman, Nelson Chan.

Each booklet is 5x8", printed in a single color, in an edition of 200, + 25 APs.